What Is Wikipedia

Com went live on Jan. 15, 2001, and the new model rapidly eclipsed its older sibling. By the end of the 1st Year, Wikipedia contained over 20, 000 articles in 18 languages. Since that time, the website has grown quickly 000 posts by 2004 as well as a million by 2006. (See the 50 best creations of 2008. In its first days, Wikipedia had to deal with a slew of issues. Where the lack of a formula for determining what should and should not be included in an encyclopedia as well as vandalism. The community comprised a volunteer military of editors, who helped to maintain the version of, the content aligned with the principles of Wikipedia.

As the project grew, dilution and vandalization of the encyclopedia's content became harder to address. The software of the site maintains a log of each alteration and this monitoring system was used to bust some high profile criminals. In May, Wikipedia banned IP addresses owned by this Church of Scientology that Scientologists made edits that didn't suggest a viewpoint the encyclopedia rule. But the issue continues to be worried about its accuracy. He established an encyclopedia with more contribution standards sanger himself left Wikipedia in 2002 over concerns concerning the validity of the entries of the project. Whilst several 2005 studies by Nature found that Wikipedia's science entries came close to matching this Encyclopaedia Britannica's with regards to accuracy with 2.92 errors per article for Britannica and 3.86 for Wikipedia no one argues that Wikipedia's material is flawless. Critics say this writing is clunky or predisposed towards bias and that the authors concentrate on pet projects.