(This article is not about defaming the police as a whole, many policemen are in solidarity with the yellow vests , others are reserved and some seem to have received a "special mission.") A firefighter who joined the French protest movement of yellow vests was joined last weekend by a policeman with a controversial flashballshot in the back of the head. These weapons fire hard rubber bullets and are considered not deadly. But it happens again and again that victims lose their sight and recently a protester in Marseilles even suffered his injuries. It is also very shocking that Macron had his police officers armed with the G36 assault rifle. Does he want to let it shoot at the people? As a deterrent, the measure is not much better and more than questionable.

The terrible images show Olivier Beziade, a threefold father in his thirties, who was on the ground in Bordeaux on Saturday after being hit from behind. Videos have been published on social media showing how Beziade is treated by doctors while his head is covered in blood. Beziade suffered a serious brain injury and is currently according to family members in a coma.

The French government is rapidly becoming more radical, and now Macron is flooding the streets with heavily armed police. In December, even snipers were spotted on the rooftops.

Armored cars were also used in Paris recently, which looked suspiciously like the EU army. 

Meanwhile, the mass media are running cheap propaganda with crude fake news. In a report by the state broadcaster France 3 , a demonstration slogan was actually deleted in the background. (Dégage means hau. Macron is in France something equally popular, like Merkel in Germany.)

In addition to the unspeakable propaganda of the fake news media is now obviously trying to infiltrate the revolution of the yellow vests, unless it was already headed from the outset by a false flag. The star of the yellow vests, Eric Drouet, on closer inspection does not seem to be the one he claims to be. Eric Drouet seems not only a descendant of the well-known revolutionary Jean-Baptiste Drouet , but also the son of left-wing politician Alexis Corbière ! 

Both Wikipedia and Infobretagneconfirm that the Drouets are a Breton noble family and married to the Corbières. The similarity of the two is amazing. It is also striking how Jean-Luc Mélenchon , another influential socialist, campaigns for the yellow vests; especially since the socialists in Germany are playing the same games. 

With the revolutionary Jean-Baptiste Drouet (1763 -1824), the noble family already played an ambiguous role in the French Revolution. On the one hand he owes the king's arrest, and on the other he belongs to the forces that led the people from one bondage to another. He was an important member of the conspiracy of the likes(fr. Conjuration des Égaux). The early socialist secret society was built in 1795 in the third phase of the French Revolution. The secret society sought to overthrow the bourgeois board of directors and to implement a kind of communist society in France by means of social revolutionary measures in favor of the landless peasants and the urban proletariat. The parallels with today's revolutionary star Eric Drouet are striking and it is to be hoped that the yellow vests are not misled into a disguised communist operation.

"Ordo Ab Chao" - order from the chaos is a well-known motto of the Masons and reflects their action plan, first to create a mess in order to introduce a new order. The idea proclaimed by the Freemasons that all men are equal is not believed by the freemasons in the higher ranks themselves, but serves only to prepare the world unity government. The League of Nations and the UN, the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) are ideas adopted in the Masonic lodges and serve solely to centralize power. The increasingly vociferous demand to give up national sovereignty is also part of this globalist plan.

Basically, giving up sovereignty means nothing more than that fewer and fewer people can control more and more people. The meaning of democracy would actually be that power emanates 100 percent from the people. 

Conclusion: The protest movement of the yellow vests is quite legitimate. It shows that millions of people disagree with the government's course. Eleven generals, an admiral, a colonel, and former Defense Secretary Charles Million also signed an open letter on December 7to correct the government. Of course, this very important message has been hidden in the system media because it does not fit into the agenda of the globalists. On the other hand, it should never be forgotten that protest movements have always been infiltrated or exploited. A good example was the Arab Spring, which, as it later evolved, was organized by the CIA for the imperialist plans of the neoconsadvance. Demonstrating is fraught with danger and rarely effective so far, because the solution is not based on a socialist deal but on restoring popular sovereignty. Sovereignty means self-determination and is not just a legal status, but also a state of consciousness. Who wants to live self-determined, must also be able to take responsibility. On closer inspection, however, one recognizes that the spokesman of the yellow vests are conspicuously poorly profiled and systematically avoiding uncomfortable topics such as the climate change , the debt- money system or the transposition of Europe. 

Source: https://www.legitim.ch/