On September 18, 2005, the election for the 16th German Bundestag and all the people who had been living in Germany for a long time were called upon to appoint their new government. When then on this election evening a visibly drunk old chancellor Gerhard Schroeder had talked a bit derogatory about Angela Merkel, certainly no one could have guessed what development would take our country from there.

Since this fateful day, the current Chancellor is in office and is obviously more determined than ever that it will stay that way. No matter what comes, it just keeps on running, as if nothing happened at all. Government chaos, refugee crisis, stress with the CSU, "I would not know what we should have done differently," she said after the last general election in September 2017, after the mind worst performance for the CDU since 1949. How the story will judge them once , that is really hard to predict today, but I think I can already see a direction.

The words "unique" and "huge changes for Germany" will certainly be found in these texts often, but in a very different context, because the whole tenor, so the general statement that will be devastating, that's already certain. Anyone who observes the drastic changes in our country today with open eyes can not help but call the effects of the policy under Merkel absolutely catastrophic. In July 2018, according to a survey, the Union was at only 28% in the electorate, the lowest value ever mind.

And if that's good news for many people, then I have to argue because it's not good news for me at all, when 28% of respondents still have not figured out how we're being ripped off and being lied to an audacity that is really hard to bear. And because I wanted to have it in black and white, as the balance sheet of the reign Merkel looks like, I simply entered the search query: "Merkel's error". I already had such a guess, but this result I was more than surprised. This list, and it certainly is not complete, is the result of 13 years of incompetence, guilt, lobbying and completely irrational behavior of the politically responsible here in Germany ....