Most users of smartphones and wipers will be unaware of the extent to which data from their mobile phone is tapped and stored by different companies to analyze by algorithms and create profiles of all sorts.

In the field of social media, this may well be known, but the user is asked to agree to the terms and conditions, in which it is openly admitted that all data are stored and sold "to third parties" so that any advertising reaches the alleged interests in accordance with the potential clientele , 

Google is one of the largest and long-standing players in the global web advertising market, and the company is by no means referred to as a "data octopus". Each search is saved and fed to the analysis - a fully automatic process that is used to profile IP addresses.

Whether it's just a booked trip with Deutsche Bahn, a search for some insurance, a purchase on Amazon or any other specific input in the Google search mask, within a short time, related advertising will be displayed on visited web pages. As long as the user is logged in to the network with their Google Account, everything will be saved.

Less well known is likely to be users of "smartphone" camouflaged, transportable bugs, that also the built-in many devices voice control like listening and the intercepted information, via voice recognition programs converted into text files, adds to the appropriate database. For many, there is a lack of attention to recognize a connection when talking to a friend about something and a little later being exposed to ads exposed on the internet, which seems just too appropriate. But a "coincidence" can be excluded here. 

However, many applications on mobile phones do not use only social media posts or profiling queries. As the US side motherboard recently reported, the location of the device is not only constantly monitored and recorded, but the location is also a very lucrative business. 

Each connected mobile phone is connected to the nearby mobile distributor. Consequently, the corresponding provider not only knows how calls, text messages and access to the Internet will be forwarded, but the location of the device can also be determined quite accurately by means of the respective distance of the transmission towers. 

Motherboard's Joseph Cox asked if any mobile phone could only be found by phone number and met with a "bounty hunter" for this purpose:

"He had offered to find out the location of a phone for me by using a dodgy, overlooked service that is not intended for the police but for individuals and businesses. 

Armed only with the number and a few hundred dollars, he said he could find out the current location of almost all phones in the United States. " 

For $ 300 the" bounty hunter "passed the number to a contact person and a little later came a screenshot of Google Maps, on which Queens, a district of New York City, was to be seen and also a blue circle, which marked the location of the phone to a few hundred meters exactly.

Cox emphasizes that the "bounty hunter" needed only the phone number and had no prior knowledge of the location of the phone. The source for the location in real time are the telecommunications companies themselves, it is said. In this case, T-Mobile, but it also works with the US providers AT & T and Sprint. 

"Motherboard's research shows how unprotected mobile networks and the data they generate are real. They are open to surveillance by ordinary citizens, stalkers and criminals [...].

The study also shows that a lot of companies can access location data of a mobile phone and that the information is passed on from mobile providers a wide range of smaller players who do not necessarily use the right security measures to protect this data. " 

The positioning ran into In this case, through the company Microbilt, and on request from Motherboard, a price list was sent to the report, listing each offer:

Thus, the current location of a mobile phone number can be found for $ 4.95 and even monitor movements for $ 12.95. That prices are cheaper with the number of monitored devices, speaks a very unique language. And that the middleman calculated a whopping $ 300 clearly shows how lucrative this type of business is. 

That Amazon Alexa always listens and this and similar devices are thus installed in the gullible consent bugs within their own four walls, is now no longer a secret. Nor is it a secret that in fact every input on all devices connected to the world network is recorded, analyzed and added to the personal profile, as well as "online streaming" or sound recordings.

However, the Amazon company Ring goes one step further. Ring allows direct access to surveillance cameras, such as in-house or on-premises, and The Intercept reports that real-time mobile or tablet- based access is by no means restricted to the authorized user of the technology: 
"According to one source, since 2016 Ring has been hosting the Ukraine-based research and development group virtually unrestricted access to a folder on Amazon's S3 cloud available, which contained every video ever created by a ring camera worldwide. [...] Downloading and sharing these customer video files would have taken little more than a click. [...]

At the time when the access was made available in Ukraine, the video files were unencrypted [...]. The group in Ukraine has also been provided with a database that links every single video file to a specific Ring customer. " 

Even though there are still people who believe they have a" Tor Browser "or" VPN "would actually make them invisible, so such tools and tools make things harder for those people who really want to follow every step at best. Anonymity is a predominant illusion in today's technology age.

The Zuse calculator keeps track of every click and key entry. Almost everyone carries mobile bugs around today. Social media sell all tangible data, telephone service providers also location data. Alexa and the like hear our apartments and Ring saves all video recordings unencrypted in a "cloud". Speech Recognition, Face Recognition, Location, Profiling - "Jason Bourne" has long since arrived and the "Big Brother" has at least the opportunity to overhear. 

The only way to avoid this surveillance world, at least for a while, is to leave all equipment behind and take refuge in nature. But beware of strange noises in the sky: it could be a drone. 

Everything is going according to plan ... 

The night watchman