An autoimmune reaction is when the body's defense system considers its own cells or tissue foreign and attacks. Such a reaction can be directed against individual cells, but also against entire organs. In the worst case, there is total organ failure and death. Dr. Martin Gore, a respected cancer specialist, died of total organ failure on January 10, just minutes after receiving a vaccine. Dr. Gore was a professor of cancer medicine at the Institute of Cancer Research in London.

In the course of his career Dr. Gore on the harm of tens of thousands of children who have been exposed to toxic chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Eventually he was killed by his own false belief in pharmaceutical medicine. Whoever lives by the sword will die by the sword, one might say. 

So far, the tragic incident has been completely ignored by the mainstream media outside of England. The truth about the deadly dangers of vaccines is systematically covered up. Every day people die of vaccinations, but the Bilderberg media pretend that vaccines are safe, even though they have not been tested for safety for at least 30 years !

Even the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity, in which Dr. Gore worked, concealing the truth about tragic death in her Facebook message: "With deep sadness, The Royal Marsden announces the sudden death of Professor Martin Gore CBE, who died this morning," without mentioning the cause. The BBC also tried to hide the truth about this vaccine death by omitting the deadly vaccination in the headline of the article. "Royal Marsden's leading cancer expert Martin Gore dies," writes the BBC, exposing the state media house once again as fake news. The BBC even claims that the cause of death is unknown. The British Daily Mail

reported more honestly: "Martin Gore, 67, died of organ failure shortly after vaccination and is recommended to anyone visiting sub-Saharan Africa, South and Central America and the Caribbean ..." The Daily Mail even cites a study in Some of the serious adverse events reported in the study included hospitalization, life-threatening illness, persistent disability and death. Five people died during this period on the vaccine. 

No wonder the Daily Mail from Wikipediawas banished. Anyone who reports critically will be censored immediately. Wikipedia is obviously not a free knowledge platform, but just a cheap label fraud. While a handful of contributors filter the content of the articles, Wikipedia in all seriousness markets itself as an encyclopedia of free content. Dr. Incidentally, Martin Gore was also part of a committee of inquiry that discovered medical malpractice in the Royal Marsden: In 2013, he conducted an investigation in which he revealed gross misconduct. "A top cancer doctor has admitted that mistakes have been made in the care of a toddler who died of a brain disease," the British Mirror reported

Next: "Professor Martin Gore, Medical Director of the Royal Marsden, who after her death conducted an investigation at Alice's Hospital and Kingston Hospital, uncovered more than a dozen malpractices." 

The Royal Marsden is also the same hospital that destroyed the career of renowned cancer specialist Joseph Meirion Thomas because he blew up the in-hospital scam, the Daily Mail reported in 2015. 

The courageous 69-year-old surgeon was released from the Royal Marsden Hospital in London for telling the truth about the National Health Service (NHS) failures in the UK and questioning the quality of medical care.

In this context, it should also be mentioned that in the US medical treatment errors after cardiovascular disease and cancer are the third leading cause of death. The Guardian reported 2016 in a controversial article of 9.5%, but without taking into account the dark figure. This means that at least one in ten patients dies of malpractice. If you go to hospital with a non-life threatening illness or injury, chances are at least 1:10 that you will not survive the visit! 

In 2016 researchers from Public Health England and Cancer Research UK conducted a groundbreaking studyand investigated for the first time the number of cancer patients who died within 30 days after the start of chemo to find out whether cancer is indeed the cause of death. The researchers found an alarming mortality rate associated with chemo. In some hospitals, more than 50% of patients die from cancer rather than cancer. Correspondingly, cancer patients often, if not always, have better chances of survival and a longer life expectancy without chemotherapy.

Considering how bad chemotherapy is for the patient, it's a good idea to think about it before taking this action. While mental stress and an acidic environment are the main causes of cancer, joie de vivre and basic, chemical-free nutrition provide the optimal breeding ground for a healthy body. Acting on the causes is always more sustainable than treating the symptoms.

Conclusion: If you want to be healthy, you should not rely on vaccines and other pharmaceutical products, but focus on a stress-free, healthy lifestyle. An important prerequisite for a good success is a strong self-confidence, which gives you the strength to make important decisions independently. Those who are victims of the system are mercilessly garbed with stressors until life and health are ruined. However, those who can confidently and consistently stand up for themselves, immunize themselves against the systematic attacks and lay the foundation for a holistically successful life. The more people who stand up uncompromisingly for humanity, the more human our society becomes. It is especially important that you start with yourself. However, if you do not assume ownership, must not complain if he is exempted. This is sad, but unfortunately true, because the elite corporations are run by machine people who stop at nothing to let the cash register ring.