The bigger and faster the mobile technology became, the less people were interested in the problems that are really connected with it. For years, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of studies, all of which come to the same conclusion. Mobile radio is extremely bad for our health or in other words: this technique causes us great long-term damage.

Most people are not aware of this at all, and those who know it are shitless, because you can not see, taste, smell, or smell the danger. The people do not fall row after row like X-rays did. Almost no one cares about it. And that's no coincidence, but the result of a large-scale marketing campaign, you could also say great brainwashing. No invention in recent history has changed our lives, our behavior, as much as mobile communications, and the industry is making incredible profits around the world. Everyone wants to have a cell phone, because it makes our life so wonderfully comfortable.

So easy, so much easier than before, so much better. In many areas it is true, but all these great advantages let us become blind to the dangers. There has been a large study in the US conducted by the NTP, the National Toxicology Program, and the result has been that the current guidelines for protecting human health are not sufficient when it comes to how much high-frequency radiation is exposed. The study concludes that the World Health Organization should re-evaluate the research and change the classification of cell phone radiation from "potential carcinogen" for humans, Level 2B, to "likely to cause cancer", Level 2A. But even that has jumped too short claims the "Cancer Epidemiology Update", So a summary of various studies in the US. There it is demanded that mobile phone radiation should be clearly classified as carcinogenic.