The hacker group The Dark Overlord is serious. Because in recent days, the organization has published decryption data for a total of 650 documents that are directly related to the stolen in the course of a hacker attack 9/11-documents - more material to follow ...

Bitcoin ransom was not paid by hacking victims

Originally The Dark Overlord had demanded a ransom payment, which has so far, however, not been complied with following the widespread theft of the data related to the terrorist attacks of 9/11. 

As long as this ransom demand is not met, the group threatens to release further information from the stolen 9/11 data, which it claims will have destructive consequences for the American "deep state". 

The decryption codes now available for 650 documents prove to be only a fraction of the total of 18,000 stolen secret documents that will be the basis of the attacks in the United States on September 11, 2001.

Experts generally believe that the relevant documents have been stolen by insurance companies, law firms, and various US government agencies. 

Originally The Dark Overlord had threatened to publish the total of ten gigabytes of data if the hacked companies and institutions complied with a hitherto unspecified ransom note that was to be paid in the form of bitcoins. 

Allegedly $ 12,000 for first installment - four more in the pipeline 

Last Wednesday, the group announced that it would launch a "compensation plan" that would allow the public to make bitcoin payments to view the total stock of documents stolen during the hacking attack ,

It took only one day for The Dark Overlord to announce that they had received more than $ 12,000 in Bitcoin payments. Apparently, this amount of money proved sufficient to publish the "first data tranche" - and thus 650 documents. 

According to its own statement, four more data sectors remain coded until an amount of two million USD in the form of bitcoin payments is reached. According to the group, each additional release to be published data branch more secrets and - from the point of view of the abused - harmful material. 

With each additional data release, a bit more truth will come to light as the group threatens. The Dark Overlord has titled the stolen documents as 9/11 papers. 

Offer to Russia Today

At the same time, the organization threatened to sell the stolen documents, if necessary, to foreign governments, terrorist organizations or media operators. According to Russia Today, after contacting the group, Russia Today was offered exclusive access to the stolen data - at the price called for by the hacker group. 

Russia Todays US correspondent Michelle Greenstein said that the hacker group wanted to sell the material to her. So the organization is all about money. The first release of the release does not seem to contain any explosive revelations on the basis of current findings. 
No bluff, but so far no earth-shattering information

Rather, the majority of the data publications focus on testimonies from airport security personnel as well as insurance benefits to contracting parties that were directly damaged by the 9/11 attacks. Nevertheless, the publication shows that the hacker group does not bluff.

The hacker group commented on the first data release as follows: "We show you that we are serious about why you can view this data release as a more definitive proof that we are telling the truth. In addition, we will do exactly what we promised you. Let the bitcoins continue to flow, which will cause us to bring the truth piecemeal. " 

Until recently, the documents published so far were available for download on Steemit, where they have since been removed - behind the scenes evidently raging currently the war over the data.

Apparently, the hacker group is annoyed that the ransom demands by the companies and institutions have not been met so far. Because it was added as follows: 

"We will publish these documents after the model of an onion dish. No one but us can save you. Pay the f *** up. We can no longer allow the mainstream media to suppress the truth. We must ensure that their propaganda is destroyed by the discovery of the truth. " 
More to come? The stolen documents should have been destroyed long ago ...

The Dark Overlord claims to have stolen secret documents from major insurers such as Lloyds of London and Hiscox, as well as Silverstein Properties, the owner of the World Trade Center complex and various US government agencies. 

The stolen secret documents should probably be destroyed, but were instead stored and hoarded by law firms. 

This summary for CK * Business Facts is based on original reports published on the sites of Russia Today and Alex Jones' .