Finally it is legal and free and good Is that so? It is on everyone's lips and every supermarket now offers it. There is a great variety of products and just as much ambiguity as to what the critical percentages of THC and CBD are for health, or what is meant to be a salad.

Medical CBD with effect is a prescription and without a doctor's prescription, it does not exist in the pharmacy. 

Everything else is to question if that's what it promises. 

And then it is usually gene-changed and overpriced shopping. 

Gene-modified food and in the case of hemp serves a single reason. 
The maniulation of our DNA for very specific purposes. 

Mind-altering substances are so modulated in genetically modified hemp plants that the normal human perception apparatus accepts the Blue Beam project.

The hemp cartels emphasize the health aspect, which of course draws heavily in the sick society and use the hype to get the consciousness to be receptive to holographic projections in the sky. 

The first large field trial of a blue beam intervention was implemented on September 11, 2001. 

So pay attention to the purity and the assured origin of the products always and especially with consciousness topics. 

Who believes hemp has become legal because the rulers want the well-being of all, is naive and has hardly recognized anything about the rulers. 
It is the main tool of consciousness manipulation. 

Big Pharma has just bought the patent on CBD against cancer 

look carefully ... who owns?