Big action of Modi government in Kashmir, Yasin Malik’s JKLF done

The Narendra Modi government of the Center has banned the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) under the Anti-Terrorism Act. This decision of the Center is being seen as a major action on the separatists. Let the separatist leader Yasin Malik head JKLF. Explain that the J & K administration arrested Yasin Malik on February 22 after 8 days of the Pulwama attack.
JKLF is accused of supporting terror activities. Home Secretary Rajeev Gaba told BK about JKLF that there are 37 FIR registered against JKLF. The case of the murder of four officers of the Air Force and the kidnapping of Mufti Mohammad Sayeed’s daughter Rubaiya Sayeed.
He said that this organization has been responsible for illegal funding to promote terror. This organization has been actively engaged in the task of promoting fund distribution and subversive activities between the Hurriyat activists and the stone-bearers to spread unrest in the valley by mobilizing donations.
JKLF was recognized internationally and the process of action against it was going on for three months. Earlier, Jamaat has also been banned on Jamaat-e-Islami. It gives a clear message that the strong policy of the government against the separatism is in progress and it is being tightened. Enforcement Directorate (ED) was also conducting raid in Jammu and Kashmir for the past several days. In this episode, the ED had raided several locations of Yasin Malik.