|  The third most gigantic bird in the world is found in Kasowari Nugiana and Australia.  This bird, which looks like an ostrich, is known for making deadly attacks on humans and other animals.  The cassowary is about six feet high.  He has black feathers on his body and brown feathers on the dock.  It can run at 5 kilometers, and can jump up to six feet high.  It can't fly like an ostrich and a pencil.  There is a red bouquet on the head of the cassowary.  Kasowari's legs are strong.  The legs have three fingers.  Long weed in middle finger |  There are no.  He can swim in the water.  Kasowri |  There are three varieties.  The cassowary plant is nutritious, but when approached by humans or other animals, it attacks with fear.  His loud kick kills a dog-like creature as well.  At the time of the attack, he uses sharp nails as a knife to crush the victim.  In Australia, many people have been killed in Kasowari attacks.  Foreign troops coming to Australia in World War II were warned to avoid Kasavari.  The female cassowary lays 5 cm long green eggs.  The soil and the leaves on it.  Make a nest.